Commercial Kitchen Equipment Preventive Maintenance UAE

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Preventive Maintenance Services Dubai UAE

PREVENTION is the best medicine! Call UNIQUE FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS DUBAI today and book a maintenance SERVICE now to help PREVENT those costly BREAKDOWNS and loss of trade. 055-789 2629 / 056-637 6727.


UFES addresses all your commercial refrigeration and cooking equipment maintenance requirements.

UFES recommends 3 monthly maintenance on all your refrigeration and cooking equipment (especially Electrical equipment) to keep it in the best working condition possible.

UFES Customers on regular maintenance report far fewer equipment failures than those not on maintenance.

UFES will schedule your maintenance for you and remind you when it is due.

UFES routine maintenance can be scheduled to happen at times that are convenient to you…


  • Far better than a nasty breakdown on your busiest day, which means a service man working under your feet trying to fix the problem.
  • UFES believes that with regular and preventive maintenance we can save you money, when your Equipment is in the best working condition possible it means…
  • Fewer expensive emergency breakdowns
  • Power savings because equipment runs as economically as possible
  • UFES has special pricing available to regular and preventive maintenance customers (Call Now +971 55 789 2629 or +971 56 637 6727 to find out more)
  • UFES is proud of our product and our friendly, dependable, experienced service team is always available to maintain your equipment in top condition.


Commercial/Catering/Industrial Kitchen & Refrigeration Equipment Preventive Maintenance Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman and all over United Arab Emirates (UAE)