Grease Trap Cleaning


Grease Trap: A unit with a special engineering design connected to the private sewerage networks of commercial kitchens, restaurants, food factories, hotels etc which separate food oils and grease from waste water before draining the same into the public sewerage network or septic tanks.

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Grease Trap cleaning (Before & After picture)

Grease traps are amazing tools that help keep your establishment smelling great, so your customers keep coming back. They’re also often the biggest annoyance that restaurants face, especially if you forget to clean them on a regular basis.

Proper grease trap maintenance can keep your restaurant running smoothly, and a commercial plumbing service can ensure you don’t get any of the smelly, expensive backups that occur when you don’t catch the fats, oils and grease before they entire your sewer line.


An unmaintained grease trap does not stop any grease waste from entering the sanitary sewer or septic system. Grease blockages can ruin a restaurant in minutes from back-ups.

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