Tile & Grout Cleaning

Floor Deep Cleaning Services (Tiles and Grouting)

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Unique Cleaning Services of Dubai, UAE are a full-service cleaning company that specializes in floor tiles/grout cleaning and carpet cleaning. We routinely take care of cleaning all kinds of Dubai homes and commercial offices.

We are not just your full-service floor cleaning company. UNIQUE Cleaning & Maintenance Services also takes care of your tile’s grout and your stone counter tops and surfaces. We do grout sealing, grout coloring, grout restoration and more. We also do wax and finish removal from your tile. We know how to clean grout on shower walls to make it look brand new again.

We are a Licensed & Insured Dubai Cleaning Company

We are a licensed and insured porcelain tile care and maintenance company. We only use our employees, so no sub-contractors, and state-of-the-art bathroom tile cleaning solutions to get your tile looking like new. We know how to clean shower mold permanently!

Get The Best Marble Tile & Grout Cleaning You Have Ever Experienced! Or It's FREE! Now, That's A GUARANTEE!

“That’s right, if you don’t feel our marble floor, Tile & Grout cleaning is the most thorough you have ever seen, we’ll clean it again for free."

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Leave The Hard Work To The Floor Cleaning Professionals

Tile flooring is one of the most abused and overlooked surface in the home simply because of the work involved in cleaning it. UNIQUE Floor Cleaning Services Dubai can give extraction machines that will give your tile floors the deepest cleaning possible. We have the remedy for all your floor care problems. We are here to answer any questions about your floors. Call and get started today!

Commercial and Residential Floor Cleaning Services Available across Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi, UAE

At UNIQUE Cleaning Services Dubai, we do not stop with just residential clients. We offer commercial services as well. Our commercial cleaning services involve a wide range of clients. We clean reception halls, offices, showrooms, kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms, work areas, lobbies, halls, patios, any and all carpeted areas, all floor tile (marble, granite, wooden, parquet, vinyl, limestone, sandstone & outdoor tile) and upholstery cleaning. We clean for commercial and residential property management companies, real estate agents, dentists, doctors and more. For our residential services, we clean kitchens, living areas, floors, halls, bathrooms, showers, counter tops, patios and upholstery. UNIQUE Cleaning Services Dubai cleans medical facilities, which include: dentist’s offices, medical exam rooms, all surfaces like countertops and floors, chiropractor’s offices, waiting areas, entryways and more. We stick to the strict health and safety guidelines for these types of businesses. 

No job is too small or too detailed for our employees. Among cleaning tile, marble and countertops, we also clean and polish wood floors, as well as wood floor renewal services. In all settings, Palm Cleaning Systems does wax and finish removal from existing wood or tile floors. Our stone sealer is one of the best in the business and we can help make your surfaces stay looking great and in pristine condition for many years to come.

Give UNIQUE Cleaning Services a call for a free in-home evaluation of your floors, tile, and counter tops. We will be able to determine how extensive a cleaning your home or business’s surfaces will need. After which, we will give you a free estimate on how much the cleaning job will cost you. If that isn’t enough for you to go with our company, we have more to offer! We have a satisfaction guarantee like no other company. If you are not 100% satisfied with our shower tile cleaning and sealing that we do at your home, it is FREE!

It Starts With An Appointment – To inquire about our service and price, customer can reach us at +971 56 637 6727 or +971 55 789 2629.

Tell Us What You Need – You can specify the details of your requirement: Type of floor, Area size & required service such as “Floor Deep Cleaning, Polishing, Buffing, Sealing, Restoration, Grinding & Crystallizing etc."

Our Presentation To You – If the details are sufficient, our professionals would be able to provide you the quote over the phone or via email. If not, we will arrange for the inspection! – Team will be fully equipped, carrying all the required tools and cleaning chemicals/products for Steam Cleaning process.

Best Quality at Competitive Pricing – We have been serving Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah (UAE) for years and can surely provide you the best quality of service at competitive price.

Floor Care & Marble Polishing Services: Tiles & Grout Cleaning for Dubai, UAE

Do you want to get your floor tiles and carpets cleaned? Choose UNIQUE Cleaning & Maintenance Company for the finest floor care services. Located in Dubai, UAE.

Thorough floor cleaning without any hidden fees

Our services are affordable as we don’t upcharge you. We’ll make sure everything that comes with the carpet and tile cleaning is mentioned in the price. You won’t be charged any hidden fees. Your full floor or the soiled spots will be cleaned thoroughly.

To request our Floor Cleaning Services Or Grout Sealing, be sure to fill out the cleaning service form.

Request A Quote

To inquire about our services and pricing, drop us an email.

Restore the original color of your floor tiles

Get your floor back to its original color (or maximum possible) as it was when you purchased it. Our skilled staff will eliminate all forms of dirt and dust that may cause allergies. Receive a dual service discount on our work. Call us for more details: +971 56 637 6727 (or) +971 55 789 2629


We do not hike up your price after we start your job like some of our competitors do. We quote a fair price for the work you need done and do not charge a penny more. GUARANTEED!

How To Choose A Floor Tiles and Grout Cleaning Company in Dubai?

Choosing a high-quality tile cleaning company goes beyond opening a phone book or doing a random internet search. Your floors are a valuable asset to your home and wanting the best care and maintenance should be a priority. Not all cleaning companies in Dubai are the same. In this industry there was a time when only a few companies like UNIQUE Floor Cleaning Services offered this reliable service. Not so today, many cleaning companies have just added this service on to the list of things they will do. But are they really qualified to do this kind of service in a way that will not damage or harm your expensive investment? UNIQUE Tile Cleaning Services uses proprietary cleaning methods, cleaning products and sealers that will not harm your floors and will achieve the best results on your floors. Tile Cleaning, Grout Sealing, Grout Coloring, Grout Refilling, Floor Regrouting, Tiles Polishing and Repair of your tile and grout is what we specialize in. Our cleaners are specially trained to clean and restore all tile floor surface from man made to natural stone floor. And UNIQUE Cleaning Services Dubai has a stellar reputation. Check out our positive review online and you will see why people call us back and recommend us to friends and family. Let us put your mind at ease knowing you picked the best cleaning company to trust your flooring to. UNIQUE Cleaning Services Dubai a name your can trust… GUARANTEED.

Benefits of Having Your Tile and Grout Professionally Cleaned

Having your tile and grout cleaned will make your whole house look cleaner and will sanitize your floors and eliminate foul odors hidden in your tile and grout. Odors and contaminates penetrate your file and grout and can give your home an unpleasant odor that you can get used to but visitors will instantly notice. No worries because we know how to clean your dirty tile and grout and our cleaning process will eliminate those odors completely leaving your whole home smelling clean and fresh and your tile and grout looking like new. Don’t gamble when it comes to choosing a company to clean your floors. Cleaning companies come and go but UNIQUE Floor Cleaning Services has been around for many years and we have proven solutions for all your floor care problems. Call and see what we can do for your floors today.

Pet Odors and Stains- We love our fuzzy friends but the odor and stains they leave behind can be a challenge. UNIQUE Services Dubai has cleaning processes that eliminates pet odor and deal with pet stains and damage. Enjoy your little balls of fur and let UNIQUE Cleaning Services Dubai keep your tile floors looking their best.

What UNIQUE’s Tile and Grout Cleaning- Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Vinyl, Limestone, Sandstone, Outdoor Tiles, Wooden, Parque,t Hardwood, Travertine, Slate and more… If your not sure what type of floor you have, call UNIQUE Tile and Grout Cleaning and we will be glad to assist you in identifying the type of floor you have in your home. UNIQUE Tile & Grout Cleaning Services has developed processes that deep clean tile and remove tough stains from the grout. Your tile and grout will look their very best. We can seal your grout after it is professional cleaned to help prevent re-staining and right now you can also ask for sealing when you have your tile and grout cleaned (there will be some additional charge for it).

About Natural Stone Flooring- Natural stones flooring is very beautiful but can be very hard to maintain depending on the type of stone. Natural stones can be very dense and strong like granite or can be very porous, easily scratched and can become dull with wear such as marble, travertine andlimestone. Special care needs to be taken when cleaning and maintaining natural stone surfaces. UNIQUE Cleaning Services has many years of experience cleaning, sealing, repairing, honing and polishing all types of natural stone. We use the latest, most advanced technology in stone polishing available. Don’t just trust anyone to maintain your natural stone flooring, only use a professional certified company who is trained in the proper techniques of natural stone care. We are experts at polishing marble and travertine and other natural stone. Don’t trust your natural stone to just anyone. UNIQUE Floor Cleaning Services has the expertise that is required to care for this special flooring. Call for your FREE estimate today.