Tile and Grout Cleaning

Floor Tiles and Grout Cleaning Services in Dubai

Whether you own a house or living in a rental apartment, it is important to keep your floors clean and in good condition to give an appealing look to your abode. The flooring of a house, however, is one aspect of home cleaning that never seems to be complete. This is particularly true for tiled flooring which can easily become dirty, lose its luster or become faded after frequent use. Thus keeping it clean is very important if you want to increase its durability.

Floor Cleaning Services Dubai

It has always been a challenging task to keep floor tiles and grout looking as good as new. Over a period of time floor tiles begin to appear dirty and grout lines starts to become discoloured. Especially in the case of commercial wet areas, it become extremely difficult to keep them looking good and the grout rapidly discolours. Unique Floor Cleaning is here to Serve tile and grout cleaning both residential and commercial properties. Call our professional team for Floor Cleaning Services in Dubai

Getting Professional Help for Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Although your tiles flooring may not require frequent professional cleaning, the grout in between the tiles must be cleaned by an expert. In Dubai & Sharjah, many companies including ours provide grout and tile cleaning services, and these professionals know exactly how to restore your flooring to bring back its original look and color.

Under this service we cover the following:

  • Tiles Polishing / Sealing / Impregnation (Natural Stone & Concrete)
  • Floor Surface Polishing (Marble, Granite, Concrete, Natural Stone, Wooden/Parquet, Vinyl, Manmade surfaces)
  • Stone surface Honing (Marble, Granite, Wooden, Vinyl, Natural Stone)
  • Grout  Cleaning & Restoration (Refilling, Fixing, Regrouting)
  • Grinding, Restoration, Crystallizing & Floor leveling for Marble, Granite, Concrete & manmade surfaces)
  • Floor Deep Cleaning (Marble, Granite, Natural Stone, Tiles, Hard Wood Floor/Parquet & manmade surfaces)
  • Wooden Floor Sanding / Varnishing / Repainting / Coating
  • Stain Removal (Marble, Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles, Granite, Natural surfaces)
  • Concrete Polishing & Epoxy Flooring, Coating & Painting
  • Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Programs.

Here Is How We Can Help for Floor Tiles Cleaning Service

The companies that provide services to clean the grout have advanced and appropriate tools and equipment, as well as knowledge of new chemical products to do the job rapidly and proficiently. These chemicals enter into the deeper layers of your flooring and give a neat look to the surface, an effect that is almost impossible for homeowners to obtain by cleaning their floors themselves.

Skilled workers from a grout cleaning service may also use a high pressure washer to clean the floor. Along with spraying hot water, the machine has a powerful suction pump that removes grime on grout, returning the original shine to your tiles. With this process, any chemicals present on the tiles are also removed.

If you do not wish to use strong chemicals in your house, you may ask the professional cleaner to steam clean your tiles. Many companies providing such services, offer steam cleaning as an alternative method to chemicals. However, it will not give you the best results if your floor is heavily stained.

Moreover, when you hire a professional, they will be able to tell you whether your tiles need a new sealant. It usually wears off with time and must be applied again occasionally. If the tiles were not properly plastered when they were placed initially, a grout cleaning company will be able to detect loose tiles as well, and may recommend floor repair and resealing accordingly.

So if you wish to keep your tiled flooring in perfect condition for a longer period of time, drop UniqueCleaningServices an email to book your appointment for tiles and grout cleaning today!

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  • Tiles Cleaning
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Floor Restoration
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  • Grout Sealing Service

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